Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Gas Jack

Within 1/1000th of getting a Gas Jack.


I'm one of those guys that mows my lawn in a different direction each time. I alternate between vertical, diagonal, horizontal and diagonal | / - \. I also divide my lawn into 3 zones for mowing; front, back and side. This last Saturday was the day for diagonal heading to the south-west (/). I had finished the front and a quarter of the back yard when I decided that I would take advantage of the way the shade was falling and do the side yard before completing the back. As I was navigating the 19 trees in the side yard I realized that what I had mowed of the back yard I had done diagonal to the south-east (\). Now what was I going to do?
1) mow the entire back yard diagonal to the south-east
2) mow the back yard diagonal to the south-west going over what I had already mowed
3) mow the remainder of the back yard diagonal south-west
What would you have done and why?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gas Jack

In Las Vegas they have Black Jack where you can loose large sums of money. Here, we have similar entertainment where you loose large sums of money. I'm not talking about the gambling sites that are in the area, I'm talking about hundreds of locations that you pass everyday. You are already spending big bucks when you visit them, why not have a little fun at the same time? I'm talking about gas stations. It's a little game I call Gas Jack. All you need to play is a credit or debit card which you probably already use to get your gas, a car that's in need of some fuel and a pay at the pump gas station. Here's how you play: 1) pre-determine a gallon or dollar amount that you are going to attempt to stop the pump at. Only whole dollar or even gallon measurements allowed. 2) Start filling the tank without using the auto shut off. 3) Only the first stop of the pump is allowed. 4) No fair slowing the flow of gas to make it easier to hit your pre-determined goal. Here is an example of my recent play. My goal was 8 gallons. I overshot my target by .004 which isn't bad. Send me your entry that comes closer than mine and I'll post it. I'll set up two categories to play, gallons or dollars.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

First Love

She was eight years my senior. She wasn't as attractive as others, in fact she was a little larger than most. The other guys would snicker when we came around, but I still loved her. I affectionately called her Snow White. There were times our relationship needed a little push to get going nevertheless I was always willing to give it my all. Even though it's been over thirty three years since we parted ways, I think of her every now and then and wish that I'd never let her go. She was a 1960 Studebaker Lark station wagon.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Amish Spice? Week 2

Day 8 - Prepare a candlelit bubble bath.

Candlelit is the only way we take baths, and if I was to make bubbles in it, I'd be in a heap of trouble.

Day 9 - Leave a trail of Hershey Kisses to a secret rendezvous spot. She will enjoy the hunt for YOU! When your spouse arrives give her a foot massage.

The Hershey Kisses melted in the heat. When she found me, her bare feet were covered in chocolate. No way was I going to massage those feet. She made me pick up all the little foil wrappers.

Day 10 - Write your sweetie a love letter. Give it to her with a hug and kiss before going to work.

I'm not much at writing. I'll skip this one.

Day 11 - Book a bed & breakfast for a surprise weekend getaway.

We are a bed & breakfast. Why should I pay for what we have every weekend?

Day 12 - Spend a night without TV. Spend time with each other. Play cards or a board game. Work a puzzle.

What's so special about this? This is what we do every night.

Day 13 - Resolve to go one day without arguing, nagging, etc. Grab your spouse for five or ten minutes.

She won't get any work done if I hold on to her that long.

Day 14 - Pack a picnic dinner, go to a romantic spot together and watch the sunset.

I guess we could do this. Those english. Always wanting to be like us.