Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Photo Flashback - Actor

I was in 8th grade when I had what I consider my acting debut. It was the spring of 1966. I don't even recall how I, an eighth grader, ended up in a high school production. A musical none the less. Here I am far right.

I'm not sure how I end up in the center of the finale. It must have been my vocal talent. :-)

My brother-in-law, Mike Gans, is also in the cast. Right of center in the finale photo.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Photo Flashback - Flutist


Harold knows how to play the flute?

Harold played the flute in high school?

The tux and flute are borrowed?

Harold has played publicly before an audience?

This photo is from his first album?

This was part of a sketch he was in?

Harold does know how to play the flute. He took lessons in his late twenties. (This photo is from 1980) The tux was from my participation in a wedding. One of my most precious moments was playing a duet with my daughter Emily at church. I have never recorded an album.

Score of 5-6, you know Harold really well
Score of 3-4, you know Harold
Score 1-2, you should get to know Harold better
Score 0, This should be an impossible score due to the first two questions where you would have said that I didn't know how to play the flute but yet I played it in High School.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

NOmonic Device

A mnemonic device is something that will help you remember something else. For me it's been things like putting my keys in a different pocket. When I realize they're in a different pocket I remember why I put them there. That's the way it's supossed to work.

Here I am 200 miles from home attending a funeral. A light rain is falling. Being the gentleman I am, I open up the umbrella and walk Barb from the car to the church. As I place the umbrella in a corner not far from the entrance, I realize that it may not be raining when we leave and something needs to be done to remind me that I have an umbrella to retrieve before leaving. I switch the pockets my keys are in.

An hour an a half later we leave the church. The rain has stopped. We walk to our car conversing with one of Barb's relatives. Upon arriving at the car I realize my keys are in a different pocket. Ahh. Turn my cell phone back on! Then as we slowly get into the car it hits me. I took an umbrella in there. Fortunately it didn't take as long to remember this as the last time I used this method in "Now What's That String for?"