Sunday, August 26, 2007

Off to College

As we drove home from work the other day, we saw Bob Evans advertising "Off to college gift card". And I thought to myself, "What college student is going to want a Bob Evans gift card?". Wouldn't Best Buy, Circuit City, McDonald's or even Goodwill been a better option for gift cards? I'm sure there are a few college students out there that would have made use of it, but when I think of Bob Evans, I think of the older generations. Give them something they will use. It's like me giving Barb a gift certificate to The Vicker's. It's something I would use, but she wouldn't get much use out of it.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Black is Black

Black is black, I want my baby back.
It's grey, it's grey, since she went away.
Oh-oh, what can I do??
'cause I-I-I-I-I,
I'm feelin' blue.

So the song by Los Bravos in 1966 went.

My version...

Black is black, I want my black socks back.
They're blue, they're blue, what shall I do?
Oh-ho, what can I do??
'cause I-I-I-I-I,
I'm seein' blue.

Some time ago, I bought a pair of black socks to go with my black shoes. In fact I bought a few pair of them. I also purchased blue socks to go with my blue pants somewhere along the line.

Now the other day, I put on my black socks, black pants and black shoes. Later on that day, Barb commented on my wearing Navy Blue socks with black pants. Huh? I didn't want to admit it, but they did look Navy Blue with my black pants. I hadn't noticed this before. So, the next time, I wear the same socks with my blue pants. Now they looked black. ??? What's up? Is this some kind of chameleon sock that I have that changes it's color so as not to match what I'm wearing? I'm not sure what to wear these socks with any more.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

iPod Nirvana

An iPod is a great way to pass time, particularly on a long trip like a train ride to or from Chicago. The trip between South Bend and Chicago is a 2.5 hour trip with numerous stops along the way. About 35 minutes before arriving in South Bend with only the Hudson Lake stop between us and the end of the line, a young man removed the iPod ear buds and asked the conductor how far to the Michigan City Carroll Street stop. The conductor explained that we had already passed that stop and asked if the young man fell asleep. The response was no, he was listening to his iPod, so he did not hear his stop announced. His only option now was to complete the trip to South Bend and wait for the next train towards Chicago and get off in Michigan City. I hope it was a good artist he was listening to. It cost him 2 additional hours to what is an hour and a half trip from Chicago.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

33rd Year of Honeymoon

Barb and I celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary this weekend. I had been attempting to plan a trip that we could take, but it never got off the ground. Barb's brother Tom was celebrating his 50th birthday the day before our anniversary, so we combined the two celebrations and met him in Indianapolis. We arrived late afternoon. At 8:00pm we dined on the rooftop of Dunaway's. I ordered the salad that came with Hazelnut Crusted Goat Cheese. Magnifigue! We dined as the sunset over the city skyline. Tres romantic!

The next morning we biked the Monon and Fall Creek Greenway trails. The 26 mile ride was enjoyable particularly the Fall Creek Greeneway.

After the bike hike we walked to City Market for lunch and then on to the Circle where the Jaguar Clubs of North America was holding it's Challenge Championship. I think I'd look good driving one of these.

While at the Circle, we decided to take the elevator to the top of the State Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument. It was hot! (Not the Paris Hilton definition of hot, but the weatherman definition of hot.) All the hot air from the monument traveled to the top where there were no vents to let it out. Maximum time for staying at the top would be 1-2 minutes unless you were into the sauna experience.

Then a trip to Boca Loca Beads for Barb. I was unable to find any Czech pressed-glass coins, but Barb found some Afgan Jade.

Finally an evening dinner at the Canterbury. Tonight I ordered the Heirloom Tomato and Chevre salad. (More goat cheese.)

The trip home included a stop at Bailey's Discount Center in North Judson. An interesting stop. I might describe it as a Sam's Club for rednecks. (No membership required.) We did walk out with some great deals. I got an $18 value for $0.99 and it's something I will use!

The final stop on this trip was the Rodger's Reunion in Knox where we renewed friendships and had an enjoyable time. Somehow, my father has managed to make him and myself the official auctioneers of the reunion. I'm not an auctioneer! I didn't even sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night! The auction is a way to fund the reunion. Items from Whoopie Cushions to old family photo's and memorabilia are donated.

When we pulled into the garage back home, our trip odometer read 333.3. Coincidence on this our 33rd anniversary...I think not.