Monday, December 21, 2009

Best Wishes for Christmas

For years an old steamer trunk has sat in my basement, the lock locked and the key missing. Online I found that Stevens Antique Trunks had a key for the trunk. It arrived today in the mail.

Upon opening the trunk there was Barb's wedding dress and various memorabilia among which was the Christmas card my mom and dad sent out my first Christmas. A most appropriate find for this time of year.

Wishing you the best this Christmas and the coming year.

Speed Up, You're Moving Too Slow

Back in the 70s Simon and Garfunkul sang
Slow down, you move too fast
Got to make the mornin' last
Just kicken' down the cobble-stones
Lookin' for fun, and feelin' groovy
That was when hippies were in abundance. My hair was long. I wore bib overalls. I was probably considered a hippie. I even hitch hiked from Indiana to Vermont and camped out in on a mountain top for a week.

Forty years later life has changed. I now live in the suburbs and daily commute to work. This past summer the state has improved a two mile stretch of highway turning it from two lanes into four. Every morning I get on that highway and am singing to myself.
Speed up, you move too slow
Got to make that gas guzzler go.
I'm not advocating speeding, I just wish they would go the speed limit. Instead of going fifty, they go forty. Instead of driving in the right hand lane, they drive in the left lane. It's driving me crazy! This has become one of my pet peeves. So, if' you find yourself driving down Indiana 23 between Main St and Brick Road, go fifty, or get in the right lane.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Let There Be Light

In the days before Thanksgiving the voice said "Let there be lights." But I reasoned that it was too soon for lights. And the voice said "The weather is mild. Let there be lights." But I did not listen to the voice.

The days of Thanksgiving passed and it was cold. Finally the sun shone and I assembled the lights. I plugged in the first strand and said "Let there be light.", but there was no light. I plugged in the second strand and said "Let there be light.", but there was no light. I plugged in the third strand and said "Let there be light.", but there was no light. I reasoned that something must be wrong with the source that illuminated the light. But there was power in the source.

I had heard of a Keeper of Light and sought it out. I searched, but Lowe I found not the Keeper of the Light. I Targeted my search and behold, the Keeper of the Light was found.

The Keeper of the Light commanded the lights and they awoke, slowly. Strand by strand, group by group they awoke. I then strung the lights in the heaven's. (Ok, maybe not in the heavens, but to the roof tops.) I applied power from the source and said "Let there be light.", and there was light, some light. I climbed to the heavens with the Keeper of the Light and reminded the light from where the power came. And behold, there was light.

The sun rose. The day passed. The darkness came. The lights returned...except now black holes existed in the heavens and the light could not escape from those areas which occupied the lowest of the sky and the highest of heights.

I will summon courage, climb to the highest of heights and with the Keeper of the Light vanquish the black holes. There will be light.