Friday, February 5, 2010

Cursed Coupon

It was time for lunch. The possibilities numerous. A coupon beckoned me. The Golden Arches whispered "you'll love it". The coupon was for medium drink & fries free with a Angus 1/3 lb burger. What was I thinking? Normally I would drink water. If I had fries, they would have been small rather than medium. I would have split the 1/3 pounder with my lovely wife. I clearly didn't think through this prior to my decision to go with the cursed coupon.

There I stood, moments away from placing my order. A decision had to be made. Would it be Deluxe, Bacon & Cheese or Mushroom & Swiss. Fortunately I chose the Deluxe not realizing that the other two were the only menu items with more calories than the Deluxe which I ordered.

As I consumed the 1130 calories I realized that it would take 5 hours of walking to counter act that caloric intake and that even a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese was less calories than the sandwich I chose. Oh cursed coupon.

It would have been better for me to have spent my money on salad and cursed the coupon.