Thursday, April 3, 2008

Paging Passenger Rodgers

We had arrived at the airport in plenty of time to catch an earlier flight to Phoenix. At check-in I inquired as to whether we might be able to take the earlier flight. Not a problem, just pay a small fee for the change. I gave them my credit card. The agent worked her magic and gave me my receipt and new tickets. Barb and I were off and would be arriving in Phoenix two hours earlier than expected. While waiting in the seating area, I hear over the speakers "Paging passenger Rodgers". Oh no. What could have gone wrong. Maybe we weren't going to get the earlier flight now. As I approach the counter I see the ticket agent who changed our flights walking toward me. She holds up my credit card. !!! I had left it at the front desk. I hadn't even realized that I had not gotten it back. I wouldn't have known until the next day when I would have used it. Thanks Sophia.

On the return trip home we checked in and walked the long walk back to where we would board our flight. I left our carry-on with Barb and headed off to the bathroom. Just as I was about to take care of business I hear over the speakers "Paging passenger Rodgers". The timing was lousy, but fortunately this time it was just to assign us our seats.