Thursday, June 28, 2007

Amish Spice? Week 1

Back in May I created a post about a motivational seminar I attended. At that seminar was an Amish family. Everyone received a "Get Motivated" workbook. In that workbook is the article "How to Spice Up Your MARRIAGE In Two Weeks." I want to put myself in the place of the amishman as he reads this article.

Day 1 - Ask your spouse out on a date. Make the destination a surprise. Dress up and put on cologne. Go outside and ring the doorbell to pick up your date (or get a limo!)

I'm not much into dressing up. I don't have any cologne. Doorbell? Maybe I better start with day 2.

Day 2 - After a night of romance, get up early and make your spouse's favorite breakfast. Now make your dramatic entrance as you serve your spouse breakfast in bed!

I get up early every morning! It's not a man's place to make breakfast. Why would she even want to eat it in bed. Maybe I better start with day 3.

Day 3 - Put sticky notes inside her car that say "I love you."

Car? We don't own such a thing. I wonder if the buggy would work? Maybe I better just go to day 4.

Day 4 - Buy tickets or a gift certificate for you and your spouse to do something that your spouse really loves.

Don't need no tickets to have Floyd drive us up to Granger for the Garage Sales. I do this every weekend. I better move on.

Day 5 - Give your partner a full-body massage. Play soft music and concentrate on being slow and gentle.

She already has a full-body. No need making it any fuller by giving her a massage. I never thought about playing the "juice harp" slow and gentle. Most of the music I know has a little beat to it.

Day 6 - Send flowers.

Why she has all the flowers she needs in the garden. She would think I was some kind of fool to pay somebody to bring her flowers she already has.

Day 7 - Look up your partner's favorite show and turn on the TV before she even approaches the remote control.

Looks like today is shot. It's been a whole week and all I've been able to do is play my "juice harp". Maybe next week will be better.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Private Lives

I know that many of you could care less about what's happening in France, but a recent news piece caught my attention and has applications to where we are as a society.

France and the United States have more in common than you may think. We have an immigration problem, they have an immigration problem. Our politics are sharply split between right and left, theirs is split sharply between right and left.

Within the last month they had their presidential elections. On the right, Nicolas Sarkosy. On the left, popular socialist Segolene Royal. France electing a woman president was about to happen. Fortunately for the United States, Nicolas Sarkosy won a decisive victory. Now, less than a month after the elections, Segolene Royal and her "partner" are separating. In addition to the fact that Segolene and the father of her four children never married is the fact that he, was also the leader of the Socialist Party. I've always thought that to be a conflict of interest.

Now that you have the background, here is a quote from Francois Holland (Segolene's ex-partner and father of her children) from news source Expatica
"I have always sought to separate politics, which must have principles, rules and foundations, from private life which must be protected," Hollande said in a radio interview.

When I read that I thought "If Francois had treated his private life with 'principles, rules and foundations', he might not be in the situation he is in now." As a side note, not too long ago Segolene and Francois had contemplated marriage.

We must swim against the tide of the left and instill our private lives with principles, rules and foundations and in doing so we will protect our private lives.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Love & Money

Since my Jr. High School days I've attended church. I've seen my share of offerings over the years. The term "Love Offering" is nothing new. But yesterday when I heard the term again on the radio during an advertisement for a singing group at a local church, I got to thinking. Why do they call it a "Love Offering"? Should I only give if I "Love" the performance or "Love" them? What if I only liked it? Wouldn't it be better to call it a "Like Offering"? If it's a "Love Offering" and I really don't "Love" them am I lying if I give? Why can't they just call it an "Offering" and leave off any adjectives?

Maybe I misunderstand it all. Maybe it's "they love offerings" so it's a "Love Offering".