Thursday, March 8, 2007


The following is from an e-mail I receive from Barb's cousin Paul Schultz who is translating the Bible for Chadian people. At first I was just going to send it to dad but then I thought perhaps it would be a good alternative to my light hearted posts. Something a bit more meaningful.

The first part is taken from his newsletter. The second part is part of his e-mail which refers back to the section from the newsletter.

A recent survey by Barna found that 45% of all adults (USA) are “born again.” That number is up from 31% in 1983. The percentage hovered in the 36% to 43% range from 1992 through 2005. The current figure represents the largest single-year increase since 1991-1992. That’s awesome news...but personally, I don’t see it. I look around my community and I don’t see nearly half of my neighbors even going to church let alone acting like Christians. And I don’t see the media responding to such a huge ‘block’. Another survey by Barna showed that God was the highest priority in only one out of seven...however, that was just a verbal response...financially-speaking, only 6% tithe. I wonder what the statistic is of those who made a disciple in 2006. I wonder how different America (and the world) would look if just 10% of those who call themselves Christians, committed to making a disciple in 2007.

In the newsletter I refer to George Barna ( and his statistics concerning the "born again" population in the United States. To me, his statistics are incredibly high. But even if they are half right, there is a fundamental problem with how many Christians there are and how little difference we seem to make. I didn't have the space to spell it out clearly in the newsletter...but I think some of the problem stems from the fact that we are selling a 'cheap' Christianity. A 'Christ' without commitment...for instance (and I am only using this since it is easily quantifiable) Barna believes that 45% of all adults (USA) are "born again", but only 6% tithe. If 6% tithe, what do you think the percentage would be of those who make disciples? But even more importantly...what would the world look like if each of us made a commitment to disciple one person a year? What would your world look like if you discipled someone else this year?

If You Have To Ask

March 3rd South Bend Tribune article title
... jury: Define 'reasonable doubt'

Now if you ask me, if you have to ask what reasonable doubt have it.

(The jury went on to convict the individual on 4 of 5 counts. It was Scooter Libby in case you were interested.)

I Eat, Therefore I'm Hungry

It was nearing lunch hour the other day and I was checking with Barb to see what her lunch plans were. I was getting hungry. Hungrier than I get on a normal morning. Normal mornings I grab a glass of juice and I'm fine till noon. This particular morning I had eaten a breakfast of eggs, bagels, cream cheese, fruit. A plate full. And because of that, I was getting hungry about 11:00. Seems odd doesn't it? I don't eat, I don't get hungry before noon. I eat, and I'm chomping at the bit mid morning to get more to eat.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Postman's Secret

Isn't it great how our postmen (or postpeople) keep secret the strange things they know about us? You can tell a lot about a person by what they receive in the mail. The catalogs/magazines that one receives gives insight into who they are. For example, Barb receives a number of apparel catalogs as well as magazines like Better Home & Garden. From that you would know that she is into clothes and things about the home. But then what about the Critics Choice catalog she receives? It's a DVD retailer. You might think she's into movies. Wrong. Just like me receiving the Victoria's Secret catalog. You might think I'm into women's lingere. Wrong. You buy one little gift at Christmas and Bam! you start receiving mailings. Oh well, I'm glad the postman can keep secret what mail we're receiving. Hmmmm I wonder what I'm going to do with this postcard for a pair of free delicates.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Polite Bathroom Scales

My bathroom scales are polite. They're the digital kind of scales. You step on them and in a second the digital weight to the closest half pound displays.

Every morning when I step up on them they display my weight, 186. I step off and say "That can't be right." My scales are just trying to be nice, kind of like when you ask your spouse or a friend ... "Do these jeans make my butt look big?". "Nahh".

Well, my scales are just trying to make me feel good about myself. So I say, "Be honest" and step back on the scales...187.5. Now that's more realistic. I thank my scales and step off. Every morning, the same thing. My first ask is provided with a polite answer. My second one the realistic one. Hmmmm I wonder what "polite scales" go for on E-bay...Nah, I couldn't do that to my wonderful scales.

(The actual weight in this blog has been changed to protect the overweight.)